Stephen Witt


Standard Keynote Lecture

My 60-minute lecture provides a narrative history of music piracy and a survey of the contemporary streaming landscape, accompanied by an audiovisual component. The lecture can be tailored to the interests of any audience and can be condensed or expanded to any length. The presentation is humorous and informative, and I make it a point to keep listeners engaged. My goal is to avoid boring the audience.

I charge a modest, non-Clintonian fee for public speaking. To set up a speaking engagement, please contact me here.


Book Festivals, Readings, Panels, Debates, Food Fights, etc.

I enjoy attending these events (particularly the after-parties) so if your event is close to Brooklyn, I will probably do it for free. On the other hand, if you run a book festival in Perth and I have to fly for 18 hours and transfer twice to get there, I’m probably going to try to wrangle some money out of you. Either way, contact me here to set something up.


I also enjoy speaking to students—in fact, it is one of my favorite things to do! If you are a professor and you want me as a guest for your class, the answer is automatically yes. Email me and we will set something up, either in person or remotely. I will never charge for this.